Basement Lowering Toronto

Basement LoweringBasement lowering is a viable alternative to moving or building an addition for homeowners who are in search of increased space. With basement lowering you can add a third useable, functional level to your home. Instead of a damp, cramped cellar, imagine a bright rental apartment, teenagers or adult recreational space, or efficient home office. All are possible with the expertise of the City Wide Group in designing plans for your basement lowering.

Techniques: There are two principle construction techniques for basement lowering: underpinning and benching. Both methods of basement lowering involve altering the foundation structure and therefore require the engineering and professional expertise you can find with the City Wide Group. The City Wide Group counts over fifty years of continuous construction specializing in foundation remediation including basement lowering.

Planning: Basement lowering is an ideal project to undertake during the fall and winter months. Generally, it is a more economical way to gain house space when compared to building an addition as much of the existing foundation is maintained. So dream your dreams for the new space and call the City Wide Group for your free basement lowering estimate. The City Wide Group can transform your dreams into a reality.