Are there any Grants, Subsidies or Rebates available?

City of Toronto – all GTA

Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Toronto

Inside Toronto limits dial 3-1-1 Outside: 416-392-2489

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

$1250 for new backwater valve installation on main sanitary drain

$1750 for new sump pump/pit installation

$400 for pipe severance and capping

$1250 for new backwater valve installation on main sanitary drain

Back-Water Valve + Sump Pump

Available subsidy = 80% of the invoiced cost up to a maximum of $2,800 including eligible labour, materials and taxes.

Peel region, Mississauga, Brampton, Town of Caledon

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Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program

$700 for backwater valve installation

$75 for downspouts disconnection


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Protective Plumbing Program

  • Backwater valve 
  • New sump pit and pump (installed in conjunction with a backwater valve) 
  • Disconnecting downspouts 

    Maximum funding provided depends on the actual improvements completed and is limited to $2,000. A3P grant maybe applied to the following eligible improvements subject to the maximum amounts:

  • Maximum $2,000:
    Installation of an approved backwater valve • Installation of a NEW sump pit and pump in conjunction with a approved backwater valve

  • Maximum $500:
    Assessment and CCTV inspection

  • Maximum $40./downspout to a maximum of $200:
    Disconnection of downspouts


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Sewage Water Alleviation Program (SWAP)

Backwater valve - Sump basin with sump pump & battery back-up

  • Disconnection of pipe connections from foundation drain/weeping tile to the sanitary drainage system 
  • Disconnection of downspouts 
  • Sewer lateral/weeping tile connection tracing by camera or other means 
  • Installation of clean-cut (if required) 
  • Associated excavation, saw cutting, backfilling & basement concrete floor re-instatement

Maximum $3,000

Niagara Falls

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Weeping-tile Removal Assistance Program

Weeping-tile Investigation - Disconnection of the Weeping-tile

Sump Pump - Labour, materials,(including restoration), permit & taxes.

Full 100% reimbursement to a maximum of $3,000.00 (including HST)

Niagara Falls

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Back Water Valve Installation Subsidy

50% of the invoiced cost, maximum $750, including eligible labour, materials, permits and taxes.

Subsidies for eligible work are subject to available funding and provided on a first come, first-served basis.

Residents who have installed an approved device since Aug 19, 2005 may also be eligible


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Basement Flooding Prevention Grant Programme

One-time grant to offset cost of eligible work such as:

  • Installation of a sump pump with battery back-up 
  • Installation of a backwater valve 
  • Disconnection of weeping tiles from sanitary or storm sewer; 
  • Re-connection of these weeping tiles to the sump pump; 
  • Disconnection of downspouts 
  • All materials, labour and the restoration of the disturbed property

Up to $3,000 for homeowners who have documented recurring storm or sanitary sewer back-ups as a result of sewer surcharging


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Basement Flooding Loan Program Resulting From a Sanitary Sewer Backup

Backwater valve and sump pump Residents who have experienced basement flooding due to a sanitary sewer backup may qualify for an interest-free loan up to $3,000


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Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program

Weeping tile disconnection/sump pump system 

  • One-half of the invoiced total by contractor, maximum of $1,800 
  • Disconnection of downspouts -One-half of all costs, maximum of $250 
  • Backwater valve*

*Homeowners will only qualify for this subsidy if they have demonstrated they do not have any downspout or weeping tile/foundation drain connections to the sanitary sewer or coinciding with measures to eliminate these connections One-half of the invoiced total by contractor, maximum of $675 

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