Spring Thaw and Wet Basements

It’s a sure sign of spring.

After a long winter everyone welcomes the warmer spring weather along with the melting of snow and ice unless you find your basement has become a swimming pool. The warmer temperatures are pleasant but all that water has to go somewhere and it should not be into your home. If your basement is not waterproofed you will join the one-third of homeowners finding themselves in the same predicament when the temperatures swing up and down in the spring. It’s a problem that comes up whenever a basement is not professionally waterproofed. If the water came in through a crack or other fault, not only did water get in where it shouldn’t in but it will freeze again to expand that crack when a cold snap occurs. 

You can’t just mop up the water off the basement floor and hope it won’t happen again either. Once you find water in your basement, you are going to find it again. Guaranteed. Not only that, the water that did get in may leave you with a set of nasty problems such as damage to your foundation, flooring or drywall as well as mould or mildew, both of which can result in unpleasant odours and in the case of mould, create an unhealthy air quality problem for your family. Water in your basement is not a short term problem; it needs a permanent solution.

Melting Snow During SpringSo, how did the water get in? There could be cracks in the foundation floor or walls and when water is seeking an entry point it goes to the weakest place. If your drainage system is old or was improperly installed, excess water could be pooling near your foundation. You may have landscaping that includes bushes or trees that have roots that have spread and cracked your foundation. In cold weather, the soil around your home retracts and creates a space for water to gather. Water may be getting in through the window wells. It’s a lot to consider. Your best solution is to have the experts at City Wide Group give your basement a complete inspection to identify the problems and give you a written estimate that will include using the most up to date methods to repair any failures or flaws and then provide you with a waterproofing solution customized to your home.

You may choose to have an exterior waterproofing process which preserves the structural integrity of our foundation. It is more costly but ensures that water does not seep into the masonry. Internal waterproofing diverts whatever water into a weeping tile drainage system. Waterproofing your basement ensures you are protecting your family and your belongings from future damage. It also adds value to your home should you decide to sell. Having your basement waterproofing project conducted by City Wide Group has the added bonus of providing you with a fully transferable warranty to demonstrate to potential purchasers that your home’s foundation is solid and dry.

Every spring, the City Wide Group is the company of choice for more homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area than any other. They have set the standard for basement waterproofing and service. In fact, they have won the Consumer Choice Award for 22 consecutive years. If you find yourself facing a wet basement at any time, make sure to give them a call.