Waterproofing Pickering | Underpinning Pickering


Pickering is a city located in Durham Region in Southern Ontario. Bordering on Lake Ontario it is part of the Greater Toronto Area. With many industries located in the city and its proximity to downtown Toronto, Pickering has a fast-growing economic and housing development trend. Residents enjoy a humid continental climate with cold winters and hot summers tempered by lake-effect winds. 

Property owners in areas with lots of snow and seasonal temperature swings know it is important to pay attention to keeping their basements dry. Water, caused by extreme rain events or from melting snow, can find its way into a basement through cracks in the foundation’s masonry or from other factors on the property. Getting your home inspected and the problems repaired are key to keeping your family comfortable.

Experts, like The City Wide Group, can waterproof your basement using the latest technology and methodologies. Their highly-trained staff know how to find the problems, repair them, lay new drainage systems and seal the basement walls and floors to keep water out where it belongs. With more than 50 years in the basement waterproofing business, The City Wide Group is the company to call. Your basement will be dry – and you’ll receive a fully transferable lifetime warranty when the project is done. Call for your free estimate.