Waterproofing Peel | Underpinning Peel


The Region of Peel is located in Southern Ontario and rests within the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe.  It’s Southern boundary is Lake Ontario and there are a myriad of Rivers and Creeks that flow throughout the region including the Don, Credit, Grand, and Humber Rivers.

When you live in an area that has multi watercourses and large bodies of water, the water table is also high. Excess rainfall or spring melt off of snow may cause banks to overflow and homes to take in water through their foundations. Homeowners should take preventative measures to protect their most valuable asset and have their basements checked for potential entry points for water.

Professional basement waterproofing companies, such as the City Wide Group, have the experience and expertise gained through more than 55 years in the Greater Toronto Area. Their technicians will inspect your basement and provide a full estimate for a waterproofing project that will give you peace of mind that water won’t enter and damage your finishings, furniture or items stored in the basement. When City Wide Group has completed your basement waterproofing project you will also receive a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

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