Waterproofing Richmond Hill | Underpinning Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill

Fast-Growing Richmond Hill is located on land that was pushed by glaciers thousands of years ago and has resulted in it being located a much greater elevation than the rest of the Greater Toronto Area.  The glaciers also led to the area being home to kettle lakes, minor tributaries and the Oak Ridges Moraine. When there is rain in the area, it tends to flow out through the large number of streams and rivers. The moraine feature of the area means the soil is looser than neighbouring areas and allows excessive moisture to drain down into aquifers and results in the area having a very high water table.

Homeowners who live in this area know that their homes are at risk for flooding or taking in water during extreme weather. With the Rouge, Humber, and Don Rivers going through town, taking steps to ensure their basements are waterproofed is just a sound investment. Hiring a company with more than 55 years experience in the area, such as City Wide Group, just makes sense.  They have the expertise to carry out waterproofing and will give you a fully transferable, life-time warranty to confirm it.

A family-owned company, the City Wide Group, has also won the Consumer Choice Award for 23 consecutive years, solidifying their position as the best company in the industry. Call for an estimate today to make sure your Richmond Hill home stays dry.

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