Waterproofing Cooks Mills | Underpinning Cooks Mills

Cooks Mills is a community found within the City of Welland but separated from the main part of the city by the Welland By-Pass channel.  Much of the landscape changed after the building of the Welland Canal by-pass with marshes and creeks drying up. Residents enjoy easy access to Niagara Falls and the American border. Many of the homes and businesses are located on or near the roadways and there is still many wooded lots and fields.

Homeowners in mild climate areas such as the Niagara Peninsula know that it is important to keep their basements dry. Water finds the easiest way to flow and will enter a basement through cracks or fissures. A basement waterproofing project will ensure that not only are those entry points repaired, new weeping tiles are installed, and the foundation is sealed — stopping water in its tracks.

The City Wide Group has been conducting basement waterproofing in the Niagara Area for almost 50 years. They have a long reputation for having well-trained technicians and great customer service. They have received the Consumer Choice Awards for 23 consecutive years. The City Wide Group is so confident about your satisfaction, that they offer a lifetime fully-transferable warranty on their completed basement waterproofing projects.