Delta Natural Drain

DELTA-NaturaDRAIN is a high performance, 3-dimensional drainage composite with three layers. It consists of a dimpled drainage core and two layers of high strength polypropylene (PP) goetextile. One geotexitle (gray) is heat-bonded to dimples, the other geotextile (white) is fully adhered to the backside of the drainage core. Provides a smooth surface for the application of liquid applied waterproofing membrane. The drainage core is made from a special high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that provides high impact-and tear-resistance and is unaffected by environmental stress-cracking. The non-clogging geotextile is fully bonded to the dimpled drainage core, which prevents it from being pushed into the flow channels


Features & Benefits

    Fully laminated reinforcement cloth on the negative side, which acts as a carrying sheet for blindside/ bathtub applications Provides a continuous path for water discharge and relieves hydrostatic pressure buildup The non- woven geotextile allows water to pass freely into the drainage core Subsurface water can pass easily into the drainage core where gravity feeds it into the drainage system at the bottom of the foundation The product is rot-proof