Naturaseal offers coatings for foundations that are designed to prevent the passage of water and other liquids through the membrane. With its ability to withstand significant hydrostatic pressure, the product keeps water away from the protected surface.

Without an open flame or flammable materials, the SpraySeal NS-F300 products offer a quick, safe, and instant curing application for multiple thickness applications.

Both SpraySeal NS-F300 products can easily seal all substrates through transitions including service ducts and pipes, wire fasteners and have excellent sealing properties for assembly applications such as equipment anchoring systems, pipe penetrations and or electrical casing.

Naturaseal’s SpraySeal NS-F300 products are food grade certified, allowing applications within food processing plants and warehouses.

SpraySeal NS-F300-BG is an elastomeric coating for waterproofing vertical walls, storm water tanks, ICF foundations, and more. NS-F300-BG is eco-friendly, safe to use, weather resistant, waterproof, and protects against corrosion. NS-F300-BG is a highly versatile elastomeric coating that is cold-applied using a spray system. It can be used to cover a wide variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors. With its unsurpassed ability to expand and contract, it can easily withstand all weather conditions.

SpraySeal NS-F300+GE is an elastomeric coating for waterproofing horizontal decks, Blindside applications, or full-tanking waterproofing for both formed and shotcrete walls. NS-F300+GE is weather resistant, eco-friendly and safe to use. NS-F300-GE is a highly versatile elastomeric coating that is cold-applied using a spray system to impregnate a geo-textile fabric to create a durable, seamless membrane. It can be used to cover a wide variety of surfaces. NaturSeal’s custom DELTA-NaturaDRAIN is used as part of the blinside/ full-tanking waterproofing systems.

SpraySeal NS-F300-GE unqiue formulation allows for applications in various weather conditions, and climate zones.


Features & Benefits

  • SpraySeal can be used on concrete and ICF foundation walls.
  • Highly elastomeric, self heals if it is punctured
  • Residential and Commercial vertical wall applications.
  • Environmentally friendly, and free of toxins and OCs.