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Ste. Catharines

Located in the Niagara Region, St. Catharines is located on the Niagara peninsula with to Lake Ontario to the North and Lake Erie to the South.  It has two large waterways —  the Twelve Mile Creek and a large portion of the Welland Canal flowing through it. With its humid, micro-climate residents experience many frost-free days and frequent thawing in winter even though there can also be heavy lake-effect snow.  Summers can be hot but because of the cooling effect of the lakes, the temperatures can feel less severe. Heavy clay soil covers the area which, along with the moderate temperatures, makes the St. Catharines a prime wine-growing area.

Homeowners in St. Catharines have experienced flooding especially during periods when the ground is still frozen hard or cannot absorb any further rainwater.  Due to problems experienced with the Welland Canal, some homes have also had sewer back ups not the basements and the city has a program to help homeowners with costs related to protecting their homes from future problems.  The Flood Alleviation Program (FLAP) covers qualifying homeowners with financial assistance related to installing devices such as a sump pump and backwater valve.

The City Wide Group has been providing basement waterproofing services to the residents throughout the Niagara Peninsula including St. Catharines for more than 50 years. Satisfied customers and a solid reputation has also lead to them receiving the Consumer Choice Awards for 23 consecutive years.

They can ensure your home’s basement is water tight and the weeping tiles are not connected to the city storm sewers. Their technicians have the knowledge and expertise to conduct a full waterproofing project from initial inspection to recommendation and estimate to completed project along with fully transferable lifetime warranty.

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