Why Toronto Homeowners Need Basement Waterproofing

A waterproofed basement is a huge relief for any homeowner, but especially for those living in the Toronto area. Basement waterproofing Toronto was not an easy solution 50 years ago, but certified waterproofing specialists know what it takes to patch leak-prone sports once and for all. Toronto is prone to flooding and requires significant preventative measures to ensure your basement stays dry.

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1st reason: Toronto receives a lot of rain

Toronto is used to flooding. Every year areas such as the Don Valley Parkway, Woodbridge, Black Creek, and Lakeshore, in particular,flood due to heavy rains. Any area that sits on a low grade is prone to flooding because the water has no escape. Homes in downtown Toronto date back to at least the mid-1800s when waterproofing was nowhere near as sophisticated as it is today. So if you live in an older home and are unsure of its vulnerability to floods, then perhaps it’s worth having an expert come to take a look.

2nd reason: Basement waterproofing increases overall house value on the market

Everybody knows that property costs in Toronto are high and dwellings are being rented out, sold and bought more than ever. These transactions are supposed to bring a pretty profit as well as provide a higher quality of life for the owner. Often the price for very similar houses in the same area can vary up to 10% depending on upgrades. Some upgrades are cosmetic and barely add value. Others, like a waterproofed basement, are significantly adding a dollar amount to the house price.

3rd reason: Renting out a basement in Toronto only when it is waterproofed

Renting out the basement in Toronto is common, as it provides additional income, but is only possible if it’s waterproofed. If the problem (mold, dump air, leaking wall, etc.) persists, then it will significantly decrease the rent value, or even make it impossible. If the problem happens suddenly - a flood, wall crack, clogged sump pump, it requires emergency measures which will result in an immediate loss of income.

4th reason: A dry basement can be used as additional space

Many homeowners in Toronto complain about the limited square footage of their property. Those who suffer from periodical basement flooding or have damp basement walls/corners are losing precious space they could use, if not for living then at least for storage. If you decide to not only waterproof but also finish your basement, it can add up to two rooms to your home.

5th reason: Wet basement causing health issues

A wet basement can lead to numerous health problems. The most common health issues from mold are respiratory infections, allergies, asthma, unevenly distributed home temperature, spreading of insects and rodents. Also, knowing that every storm or snowfall can lead to a pool of water in your basement creates incredible anxiety. Waterproofing your basement will ultimately provide you with peace of mind. This is why City Wide Group offers lifetime warranty for all waterproofing works.

6th reason: Being a homeowner means being responsible

If you neglect the problem, your basement can become a breeding ground for insects, bacteria, mice and so on. It will then lead to the spreading of bugs or mold spores is putting in danger the overall health of the area. Also, having a mice nest is damaging to the neighbourhood’s reputation and property value.

Basement waterproofing is a necessary measure for every homeowner in Toronto that is also a healthy, responsible, useful, and profitable choice. Whether you already met with an emergency situation and water damage problem or acting in advance and take preventative measures, the City Wide Group is a well-known, well-established waterproofing company in Toronto that can help you.

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