The Challenges of Commercial Waterproofing in the GTA

Operating a brick-and-mortar business in Toronto can be both profitable and exciting since the city is one of the most vibrant and prosperous in the country. However, many businesses are housed in historical buildings which require renovations and regular maintenance, especially for flood prevention. While, new builds have the luxury of including waterproofing at the onset of construction.

Toronto Commercial Waterproofing

The unique challenges of commercial waterproofing

  • The basements of commercial buildings are quite large compared to residential and require a scalable waterproofing solution.
  • Commercial buildings are usually surrounded by asphalt, other buildings, and roads which limit the accessibility of excavating vehicles
  • Commercial waterproofing has to be done without business interruption and with minimal noise.
  • Commercial buildings have more electrical, ventilation and furnace equipment that has to be protected during the waterproofing work.
  • Dust produced during the waterproofing process has to be controlled so not to disrupt business.

Commercial waterproofing Toronto and contractor guarantees

City Wide Group is a Toronto waterproofing company providing residents and businesses with quality waterproofing since 1961. We do waterproofing right the first time and guarantee long-term results. Among our guarantees for commercial waterproofing clients:

  • All City Wide Group employees are certified and insured according to the city standards and WSIB Ontario (The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).
  • All the equipment and materials we use are bought from reputable manufacturers and regularly inspected to meet industry standards.
  • All the materials we are using are top-notch technologies of waterproofing that will keep your peace of mind day and night, rain and sun.
  • City Wide Group will obtain all necessary permits, including city right of way and road/lane closure permits, curb cut permit, occupancy permit and any other permits required to do the proper waterproofing job.
  • Our employees will work responsibly and respectfully as well as be careful when handling your possessions.

Commercial waterproofing in Toronto is a requirement because of the high risk of flooding in some areas of the city. City Wide Group’s specialists have extensive experience in waterproofing heritage properties, commercial and industrial buildings.