Is Waterproofing Worth The Cost?

Basement leaks is the last thing a homeowner wants to deal with. Without long-term waterproofing measures, there are two types of basements: those that have a problem with leaks and those that will. If you are like many of us and use your basement partially as storage space, your belongings can be damaged or destroyed by a wet basement. If your things are worth saving and storing in the first place, then the cost of waterproofing is small in comparison to the many memories that can be lost and the price of repairing what can be salvaged.

Avoid Extensive Water Damage

It is not only your stuff that can be damaged by a wet basement; new or existing interior work will also be ruined. Once leaking water has damaged the drywall, insulation, and so on, these materials must then be replaced because their integrity will be compromised.

Any homeowner planning a basement renovation must ensure that modern waterproofing technology is a part of their renovation plan and budget. When the basement is a clean slate, all unseen issues can be readily addressed. Basement waterproofing is a small expense when compared to an entire replacement of your belongings and basement interior finished in addition the cost of doing the same renovation a second time. Left unrepaired, more severe damage to your home’s structure and foundation will occur.

The most important reason to repair your wet basement is because water leakage seriously influences the value of your home. Prospective buyers generally turn away from homes with leaks because it is seen as a major liability. Also, despite mopping and a fresh coat paint to cover the evidence of past damage, home inspectors and experienced real estate agents will readily spot signs of a previously wet basement. Leakage must be declared to the person buying your home and is usually a deal-breaker or a factor in having to sell your home under its listing price.

Health Factors

If you suffer a wet basement due to foundation cracks, then the water that leaks in will inevitably leave moisture behind. Elevated moisture, usually caused by humidity irregularities, will lead to the growth of black and/or white mould. This is a serious issue because mould is a hazard to you and your family’s health.This problem is especially of concern if someone in your home has asthma or other respiratory issues, because mould spores will aggravate their symptoms. The mould growth will worsen over time, that’s why it’s best to deal with the issue head on with a basement renovation that includes the installation of an exterior waterproofing membrane along your home’s foundation wall.

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